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📢 7 June 2022 - Named One of the Best Online Plant Shops in Australia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

one of the best online plant shops in australia

Hey Cheeky Planters,

Hope you're all keeping warm through the start of winter! It's going to be super cold in the next few months so make sure to keep your plants away from frost or cold drafts and to also remember to mist them if you're already running heaters in your homes.

Anyways, the good news is we were recently lucky enough to be included in a list of the Best Online Plant Shops in Australia, curated by Lawn.com.au (the leading Australian gardening and lawn mowing service). Check it out now!

We're always striving to provide the best plants and all things plants to plant parents all around Australia. We recently expanded our shipping of non-plant items to NT, WA and TAS too. There's a lot in the works at the moment and soon we'll be bringing in lots of new products, gift boxes and plant packs which are all perfect for gifting.

If you've recently purchased from us and would like to share the love, please leave us a review on Google or via Yotpo (a review platform we're using).

With love,
Cheeky Plant Co. Team

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