Interview with a Plant Parent: Kellie

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I live in Melbourne with my husband, I am a mum to twins, a cat and a ‘few’ houseplants. During the week I work with children who have additional needs.

2. What got you into the plant hobby?

    My grandparents ignited my love for plants from a very young age. We were always out in the garden planting or tending to something. I’ve always had ’something’ growing but like a lot of other plant parents, Melbourne’s lockdown last year really upped my plant game. It was great for helping keep a routine and my mental health benefited also. (My bank account not so much).

    3. What is your most favourite indoor plant you have at the moment?

      I love all philodendrons, but the plant I am currently obsessed with is my Philodendron melanochrysum.

      4. What is the next indoor plant in your wishlist?

        The next plant on my wishlist is a Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight’.

        5. Share with us one or more of your best plant care tips.

        I have two tips…
        1.On occasion I like to use the water from my fish bowl to fertilise my plants. They love it and it costs nothing.
        2. Life's short, but the plant!!

        Follow Kellie's plant journey on IG: @allabout.theleaves

        If you'd like to be featured as a Plant Parent, please feel free to contact us :)

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