Interview with A Plant Parent: Boz

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a 32 yr old dude from Sydney, Australia and live with my almost 100 plants.

2. What got you into the plant hobby?

    My parents and grandparents have always enjoyed gardening so I suppose it’s a hereditary problem lol!

    3. What is your most favourite indoor plant you have at the moment?

    I guess at this very moment my favourite plant is probably my Alocasia Silver Dragon. I’ve had it a while now and it’s always been really healthy & productive.

    4. What is the next indoor plant in your wishlist?

      Oof - Top three would be: Colacasia Esculenta, Philodendron Pink Princess & Alocasia Pharaoh’s Mask

      5. Share with us one or more of your best plant care tips.

      Most people are happy to giveaway their used nursery pots so ask family, friends & neighbours to save a bit of cash.

      Follow Boz's plant journey on IG: @plantyboz

      If you'd like to be featured as a Plant Parent, please feel free to contact us :)

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