Interview with a Plant Parent: Anya

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi I’m Anya and I live in England! If I’m not with my plants you’ll probably find me at the beach with dogs! I have a degree in chemistry and I’m about to start medicine which might explain why you’ll see most of my propagations in test tubes or conical flasks!

2. What got you into the plant hobby?

    My mum and both of my grandmas were always into houseplants and the outdoors! I think I got my first indoor plant for my room when I was about 6!

    3. What is your most favourite indoor plant you have at the moment?

      My favourite plant in my collection changes daily! Today I’m loving my pitcher plant 🌱

      4. What is the next indoor plant in your wishlist?

        My wish list plant is probably a philodendron gloriosum! But for now I’ll settle for looking at pics.

        5. Share with us one or more of your best plant care tips.

        My best plant care tip is leave them alone! If they’re not showing signs of needing repotted/ watered/ moved, don’t! My other tip is don’t be afraid of the scissors! If a plant is looking leggy - chop and prop.

        Follow Anya's plant journey on IG: @soil_under_my_nails

        If you'd like to be featured as a Plant Parent, please feel free to contact us :)

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