How to Water Your Succulents

How to Water Your Succulents

Sedums, Sempervivum commonly known as hens-and-chicks, kalanchoe, jade plants, aloe vera, Echeveria and Sansevieria (also called snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue), are extremely popular choices when it comes to indoor succulent plants. Succulents include cacti, which commonly require less water than any other succulents. Rather than providing your water-thrifty houseplants with tiny water splashes here and there, provide them a thorough soaking until water seeps out of their drainage holes at the bottom of the container. Always remove the extra water from its saucer underneath the plant container as excessive wetness will lead to root rot. After that, let its soil dry out completely before watering it again. Check the plant’s soil a week after you have watered it. If the soil still feels soggy, wait for another week.

Succulents want more water in every early spring when they start actively growing. Their water requirements can decrease in the summer season and even more in the cold months. When the sunlight lessens during the cold months, and many succulents go into a dormant phase, their water needs also lessens. During cold months, water your succulents only when the soil seems dry. It could be as irregular as once or twice per month but depends on your home's environment. The general frequency of watering your succulents will also rely on the different sizes of the pot. The larger the pot, the more humidity it can hold for longer. Small and shallow containers may require to be watered very often.

How To Water Your Succulents in Outdoor Pots

The summer season is the best time to locate your potted succulents outside. Though succulents prefer sunlight, provide them an opportunity to adapt to your outdoor conditions by moving them in a partially shaded place before locating them to a more sunny area. Keep your succulent away from the intense light of late morning and midafternoon. Outdoor plants require more water than indoor ones. Again, your overall conditions will indicate how often your succulent will require water. You can start by checking that every week, paying proper attention to the potting soil condition and whether it is bone dry or got some moisture. Your succulents and cacti growing in shallow pots will want a water after a few days.

How To Water Your Succulents in the Ground

Succulents, specifically your sedums, can easily thrive on the ground. They need watering every week, relying on the area's climate you live in. Developed plants will have a powerful root system and withstand dry conditions much greater than new houseplants.

Whether you want to grow annuals or hardy succulents, they should be placed in well-draining soil. If the soil remains too damp, you can utilise a raised bed or mound up the soil in those locations where you plant your succulents. About one-foot to two-foot mounds of aged compost thoroughly mixed with perlite can help ensure your plants grow even if they are placed in conditions that are completely changed from their native environments. Well-draining soil, a better soaking, and better drainage will lead to a happy succulent.

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