How To Style Your Hanging Plants For A Stunning Indoor Garden


The ambiance created by lush green plants hanging delicately from your ceiling or wall can add a serene beauty to your living space. With plants, your rooms become a canvas, providing an opportunity to paint with nature’s palette. However, incorporating plants into your interior design requires some style and a dash of inspiration.

This article guides you through styling your hanging plants to create a stunning indoor garden that is a sight to behold.

1. Choose The Right Plants

The first step in styling your hanging plants is to select the right indoor plants. Various plants thrive in indoor conditions, and each offers a distinct aesthetic.

Some plants like pothos or spider plants are low-maintenance and have vibrant green cascading leaves that look great in hanging planters. Other options include the elegant trailing heart-shaped leaves of string-of-hearts or the dense cascades of the ivy plant.

When choosing indoor plants, consider the light and humidity conditions of your rooms. Select plants that will thrive in your home's conditions, whether it be high light, low light, high humidity, or low humidity. Remember that a healthy plant makes for a more stunning display.

2. Experiment With Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are key to establishing the look and feel of your indoor garden. You can go for a uniform look by using matching planters or add variety by mixing and matching different styles.

Ceramic and terracotta pots exude a classic look, while macrame plant hangers give a bohemian touch. Metallic hanging planters can add a modern and sophisticated look. Keep in mind the color scheme and overall décor of your room while choosing planters.

3. Play With Heights

Creating a layered look with different hanging heights can add depth and visual interest to your indoor garden. Adjust the length of the hangers or place them on different levels of wall shelves to achieve this. The idea is to avoid a monotonous, flat look and create a dynamic, flowing garden in your indoor space.

4. Find Unique Hanging Spots

While traditional spots like near the window or on the balcony are great, explore other unique spots around your house to hang your plants. It could be over your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, or on a room divider.

5. Create Green Corners

Try grouping plants in a specific corner of your room to create a concentrated green space. Combine hanging plants with potted plants on the floor or on a shelf. This not only forms a visually dense green corner but also mimics a mini indoor jungle, creating a cozy nook in your home.

6. Use Plants As Room Dividers

Hanging plants can act as great room dividers too. A string of pearls or a hanging pothos plant can create a subtle and soft division between spaces. This can add a functional and aesthetic dimension to your indoor garden.

In Conclusion

Hanging plants are a beautiful and easy way to bring nature indoors and style your space. By choosing the right indoor plants, experimenting with various hanging planters, playing with heights, finding unique hanging spots, creating green corners, and using plants as room dividers, you can transform your living space into a stunning indoor garden.

Remember that the beauty of styling with plants is that there are no rules, just guidelines. Feel free to experiment, mix, and match according to your tastes. The main goal is to create a space that not only looks beautiful but also brings you peace and joy.

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