How To Save Underwatered Succulents

How To Save Underwatered Succulents

Succulents can store enough water in their leaves and survive for longer with little to no water. That makes this plant the best for novice and black thumbs to begin with their indoor plant obsession. They are drought-tolerant, but still, they want some water to thrive well. Like any other indoor plant, your succulents require a great soak of water frequently to stay happily thriving, particularly during the growing season.

Read more to get complete information on how you can save your underwatered succulents.

Ways To Save Your Underwatered Succulent

Saving your underwatered succulents is easy, and you can do it in the following three simple steps.

  1. Give your plant a good and thorough soak in water and ensure that the water is going to the roots.
  2. Let the soil completely absorb all the water and then add more water to it. You can repeat that step until you notice water coming out of the container’s drainage holes.
  3. It is important to let all the excess water completely drain out to prevent your succulents from staying in wet soil.

As soon as you complete that process, your succulent plants will only look fresh and form again in a few days. However, if you still notice a wrinkled or rubbery appearance after three to four days, try again steps 1-3 until they regain their firmness. After that, you can continue with your normal watering routine. You can also think of implementing the water therapy procedure to help the succulents recover from damage or stress, specifically when they suffer extreme dehydration.

Tips To Prevent Underwatering of Your Succulents

  • Repotting your plants can help prevent underwatering, especially when your succulents become rootbound and the water dries out quickly even after proper watering. Always keep that in mind. The soil that is dried out too fast won't allow the roots to absorb enough water it requires to stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Using a soil moisture meter to know when to water your succulents:
  • If repotting your succulents is because of rootbound, always make sure to repot your plant to a bit larger pot or container. A 10% taller and wider pot is best for plant growth as it will offer more room for their development.
  • In addition, it's essential to make sure that you're using the right soil type to avoid issues related to watering.Β  A ready-made potting soil mix that can also be used for cactus, or a mixture of three parts soil mix, two parts barn fines, and one part pumice or perlite will work best for your succulents.
  • It's important to keep your succulents away from hot spots or warm drafts as that significantly enhances the evaporation time of the water from its soil. It will lead your succulents to dry out in only one or two days.
  • You should adjust your watering pattern according to the season. Remember that the succulents that need watering once every month in the colder season may require watering at least every seven to ten days in the warm months. It is suggested to stay award when your plants are actively thriving and when they go back to their dormancy period.

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