How to Move Houseplants to Your New Home

How to Move Houseplants to Your New Home

Whether you are moving within the city or out of it, it's essential to pack your items to avoid damage properly. Amongst those possessions, your houseplants may be your most delicate thing that requires that extra protection while you move them to a new location. Moving out is a stressful process and the last you want is for your houseplants to die during the transport because of improper packaging. However, packing your houseplants is not as daunting as it seems. You can do it successfully and easily. Remember that your houseplants must be the last thing you pack and the first thing you unpack after arriving at your new location.

Pruning Your Houseplants

Prune your houseplant at least a week before moving to your new home. Trimming back the plants' unruly growth will keep them compact, easy to carry, and encourage fresh growth on your plants. It will also help your houseplants to acclimatise to their new environment easily. However, plants like cacti, ferns, and succulents don't need pruning, so be sure to avoid that.

Use Plastic Pots

You should try to make your plants as light as possible so you can pack them easily in the boxes. It's better to repot your houseplants into plastic pots or containers at least three weeks before you plan to move out. To transport your plants out of clay planters is not a good option as these are easily breakable and are much heavier to carry.

Inspect Your Plants for Any Pests

Before moving your houseplants to the new destination, it's good to check them for any sign of pests thoroughly. No one likes to deal with pests just after moving to a new home. Hence, it’s better to check your houseplants if there is an infestation of spider mites or mealybugs, which are the most common enemies of houseplants. Even if there is no pest noticeable on your houseplants, you may apply insecticidal soap as a precautionary measure. It will keep you stress free whilst you drive to your new home.

Keep Your Plants Safe During the Move

Once you have packaged your houseplants, it's time for the big move. To safely reach your new destination, it is important to keep in mind a couple of things, such as securing them from damage in your vehicle, not letting your houseplants crash other boxes, and never leaving your plants in the vehicle overnight. These few things can keep your plants safe while you move to your new home.

Protect Your Plant from Extreme Temperatures

The trickiest thing while moving plants is to keep them safe from the extreme heat and to give them a temperature-controlled environment. If your new home is located at a shorter distance though, this likely wouldn’t be a problem for your houseplants. However, still try to make sure to maintain a stable temperature in your car before putting your plants inside it. 

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