How to Keep Indoor Plants Alive While You're on Holidays

You’re about to embark on a three-week holiday and are worried your houseplants won't be able survive while you're gone. Well, don't fret! We've got the top tips for keeping them happy when they have no one else around during these long trips or extended weekends away from home.

How to Keep Indoor Plants Alive While You're on Holidays

1.     Maximise moist conditions for your plants

Prior to going away, make sure to water your plants thoroughly. Ensure that the water you give your plants can actually drain out – plant pots with drainage holes are vital to prevent root rot, especially if you won’t be there to tend to the plants to check if the soil is too damp. If your plants sit in moist potting mix for too long, you run the risk of not just root rot, but also fungus gnat infestation.

For succulents on the other hand, you can probably just handle watering them right before you leave and they should be fine for a few weeks until you come back.

Place your plants close together in a small room to increase humidity and moisture in a mini atmosphere. You can also try putting your plants in a DIY greenhouse using a clear plastic bag to create a humid environment for each plant.

For your super precious indoor plants, you might want to just have a friend come over once a week to water them. Otherwise, you can use automation with electronic watering systems or DIY self-watering systems such as a wicking system or water bottle system for drip-feeding your plants with water.

2.     Make adjustments for sunlight and temperature

The more sunlight your plant receives, the thirstier it will be over time. This is for a few reasons, the biggest being that plants utilise the most water during a process called transpiration and this rate increases with amount of light they receive. So if you want to make sure your plant doesn’t wilt while you're gone and can’t water them, move them away from their source of natural lighting so they can take in less sunlight but still get enough moisture through other means such as humidity or other methods in the step above.

3.     Trim down your plants

A plant's appearance isn't the only thing you should consider when deciding if it needs a trim. If you're going away for a while then you should trim your plants a little bit so that only the healthy leaves remain. You should also cut off flower stalks so that the plant requires less water and can focus its energy on its leaves.

Drought-tolerant plants such as succulents and cacti are perfect for all of those long trips away from home without having to worry about watering them every day.

4.     Hold back on fertiliser

When you are travelling, it is best to keep your houseplants in the most natural conditions possible. That means not fertilising them before leaving home for a few weeks! This will help slow down their growth and help to preserve their energy and water while they go without human care. Give your plants some time off from watering and feeding before going away so that when you return everything will be ready to get back into action right away.

Having indoor plants is a bit of a commitment but with these tips, you shouldn’t have to worry while you’re meant to be having a good time on your holiday!

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