How To Have Happy Houseplants

How To Have Happy Houseplants

It is incredibly annoying when your beautiful, healthy plants droop wearily or start turning yellow. The ideal way to prevent these problems is with proper care. Unfortunately, a plant can't explain its needs, but luckily, with many things, your plants will show you whether they are happy and healthy. If you want to know what things make your plants more comfortable, check out the list below.


It’s essential to move your new happy houseplants to their new home soon after purchasing them. It helps your plants to grow well. However, be careful about the soil type that you want to use. Every plant differs in how often it needs repotting. Most houseplants are only required to be transferred once in two years. Whenever you repot your plants, make sure you choose containers at least 1.5 times bigger than your current pot.


The most crucial thing to keep your houseplants happy healthy, thriving, and happy is the correct amount of water. Unluckily, there isn't any precise way to know how much water your plant requires. However, your plants will show you how they are feeling. If you notice the yellowing of leaves, your plants are often too wet. When your plants receive too little water, their leaves will have brown edges, and soon they'll dry out. Plants differ in their watering requirements, and it's essential to know how much water your plants prefer. Generally, plants require more water in hot weather than in cold weather. Young plants also demand much water.

Treats Make Happy Houseplants

Like any other plant, your indoor plants also don't like having a layer of dirt on their leaves.

That will make it harder for your plants to emit oxygen and make them less appealing to look at and make them more susceptible to damage. So, clean your leaves with a wet cloth once every week. Also, mist your houseplants regularly as the leaves like to be sprayed. Misting also reminds your plants about the natural or tropical environments from which they belong.

Help Make Your Houseplants Happy

You can also help your houseplants by providing them plant food as needed during the summer. In the hot season, they thrive, and with some food, they'll do it energetically. It is essential to know beforehand what type of food your houseplants enjoy. The most vital thing to remember is that never locate your houseplants in a draughty place. Ideally, the area should have excess to indirect light and a constant temperature. Here your plants will stay happiest. Few of your plants can also tolerate full-day sunlight only when getting enough water every day. Otherwise, they'll soon dry out and will become sick.

If Anything Is Wrong

Fret not! Even if you do your best, your houseplants can still become sick or often die. Most of the time, your plants carry an unnoticeable disease to you, and sometimes they are old or exhausted. However, it’s essential never to lose faith. Caring for your plants is a great skill that you need to learn, and the only way to acquire it is by getting more houseplant deliveries and doing it :)

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