How to Gift a Plant to Friends and Family

How to Gift a Plant to Friends and Family

Give your friends and loved ones the most rewarding present of plant parenthood with some of the top tips and tricks we’ve gathered on gifting houseplants. 

A thoughtfully picked plant becomes a perfect gift for about anyone. To list your gift recipient and future indoor plant parent up for more success, follow the below-mentioned tips!

You might be thinking why indoor plants make the perfect gifts! That’s because:

Plants last longer: They are meaningful gifts that keep growing and offering their gorgeousness for many years. Unlike other presents that ultimately expire or are stay no longer in trend, live houseplants only get better and better over time.

Plants are inclusive: There is no need to think about food preferences or clothing sizes. And your beloved giftee doesn’t have to become a seasoned indoor plant aficionado to enjoy any plant. There are a lot of tolerant varieties that work well for anyone’s indoor environment, from low-sunlight tolerant to pet-friendly houseplants. Check out our plant gift hampers which are perfect gifts for basically anyone!

Send Your Plant Gift Early 

The key to tension-free gift shopping is beginning early. If a birthday or holiday is on the way and you have no concrete plans to meet your giftee in person, why not give them their special gift a bit early? Select their plant, include a chic ceramic container, and write a lovely small gift note and send it to them via same day plant gift hamper delivery.

Order Your Plant Gifts Ahead of Time 

If you like to give your houseplant gifts IRL, you can order them early to prevent unnecessary stress and potential shipping delays. When your indoor plant gifts reach your location, unpack that right away to help them breathe. Give your plant a little finessing as the shipping process isn’t always kind. A thorough drink of water and locate them close to a window to get natural sunlight. When it’s time to send them to your giftees, you can use the same shipping boxes they arrive in or get more creative with wrapping papers, bows, and more. The gifting wrapping world is your oyster. 

Add Your Flair

Ordering and getting your beautiful plant gifts early provides you with time to customize the unpacking experience for the gift recipients. Have more fun with that! Include a ceramic plant text pop, print out indoor plant care directions, or even container your plants from their grow containers directly into their decorative ceramic pots. 

While for a few, the mantra “indoor plant care is only self-care” indicates the ease of leaving the plants in their growing containers—for many others, it can be very therapeutic to have their hands dirty and return to nature. If your giftee is a latter, pair their indoor plant gifts with a bag full of organic soil potting mix, printed potting directions, and lava rocks.

Go, Faux, Dried or Preserved

We get that a few giftees have restrictions, be it dim to no sunlight, frequent travel schedules, small children, or any mischievous pets. Faux and preserved indoor plants, and dried ones like stems and bouquets, give anyone the ability to bring joy and more greenery into their space. Plants, in every form, make all happy.

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