How to Create an Indoor Jungle

Growing up, it seemed like we were always playing outside. Nowadays, most kids are glued to their screens and indoors all day long. Kids need a place to go where they can get some fresh air and play! Creating an indoor jungle is a fun way to spruce up the house and bring us closer to nature without spending too much cash.

How to Create an Indoor Jungle

You're looking at this blog post right now and you may be wondering how to fill up your home with plants. Well, we’re here to help! Plants are just the thing for a home that is in need of life. Plants provide oxygen, reduce stress levels and improve moods. Not only that but they can also look really pretty.

Here’s some pointers on how to create your own indoor jungle:

  1. Create a green wall full of plants. You can get plant stands from online home decor stores or at physical shops such as IKEA or Kmart, which tend to have awesome looking furniture/shelves which can be repurposed as plant stands.
  2. Add some greenery to your furniture and around your windows. Table tops, shelves and floors should be decked out with lots of houseplants to make the green stand out. Plants add a lot of personality into an otherwise dull room, so don’t hold back!
  3. Hang plants from the ceiling or on shelves in hanging baskets. Let those climbing plants climb up or down furniture, letting them drape across the room vertically and horizontally. Hanging plants help fill out an indoor jungle and the viney look makes it feel like you’re out in the wild.
  4. Put up posters of animals in the wild - just kidding! An indoor jungle doesn’t need animals. Plus, this would be a little tacky and ruin the vibe completely.
  5. Use colourful rugs, pillows, and blankets for comfort in your indoor jungle. Your indoor jungle should be a place where you can sit and relax without a care in the world. Make it your safe and relaxing area.
  6. Add natural light by opening windows or adding skylights to your room. Not only will this benefit the plants, but the morning glow of light will feed you with energy to kickstart your day with a joyous view of your indoor jungle.
  7. Get a fish tank - a planted fish tank in particular would complete indoor jungle by creating a river full of plants. Also the aquarium lighting goes well with houseplants in a room.
  8. Add plants to every corner of the room, including on top of furniture and on window sills. You want to also have a large variety of plants of different shapes and sizes in the room to highlight certain areas of the room. Rare plants are also a bonus!
  9. Use a humidifier to keep your houseplants from drying out. Your indoor jungle should be healthy for both you and your plants.
  10. Create an outdoor feel by adding some natural sounds like birds singing outside your window. You can achieve this by adding a birdfeeder outside.

The benefits of plants cannot be denied; they make great additions to any room in your house or office space! So don't wait another second when it comes time to spruce up your living space - get yourself some indoor plants from Cheeky Plant Co.!

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