How To Care for A String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

How To Care for A String of Pearls

The string of pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus) is marvellous cascading succulent, adding a little quirk to your house. This plant thrives fast and can propagate easily both indoor and outdoor. Follow these care tips to provide the necessary care to your string of pearls.


The string of pearls likes to stay in a place where it receives 6 to 8 hours of bright and indirect light every day. However, you'll have to spot it in a partially shaded area if you place it outdoors. If spotted indoors, on the other hand, it requires plenty of bright, strong natural sunlight, like when placed close to an east-facing window. You can also place your plant about 5 to 10 inches away from a South or West facing window to prevent it from sunburning.


The string of pearls plant should be located in an average household temperature of about 70°F - 80°F. During the winter months, keep it at a cool temperature which is around 55°F – 60°F. The important thing is to keep your plant away from drafty areas or any areas with open windows and air conditions as it causes the plant's leaves to drop. Your string of pearls is not frost tolerant, so you should always move your plant indoors during the winter season.


The Senecio rowleyanus plant doesn’t need large quantities of humidity to grow well. These pearls succulent plant is native to dry places, so dry air don’t harm it. Additionally, your plant will thrive in almost every standard house humidity setting such as around 40 percent relative humidity. 

Soil & Pot

Like any other succulent, your string of pearls plant prefers well-draining soil to grow well. Hence, getting a well-drained container is the initial step to make your string of pearls happy. The pearls plant is easy to care for, so you can begin with and type of succulents potting soil. However, sandy soil is better for these plants. If you like, you can add three-part best potting soil and one-part sharp sand for better results.


A string of pearls is very sensitive to overwatering. It is imperative to provide your plant with only required yet enough amounts of water. A recommended amount of water is about once in two weeks. A useful tip to ensure you don't overwater your pearls succulents is to check for half an inch of the soil's dry. It means before watering your pearls plant again. It's important to notice its soil thoroughly. However, in the winter months, you should cut watering to only once every month.


Usually, succulents don't demand much fertiliser as they can kill your pearl's succulents too. You can fertilise it once in 2 to 4 weeks during its growth time, especially in spring and mid-summer. However, there isn't any need for fertilizer in the fall and winter months. It's noteworthy that your fertiliser should be as weakened as possible to prevent overwhelming your plant.


Although the string of pearls is a wonderful plant to keep at home, it contains a toxin sap that harms humans and pets. It can cause various allergic reactions and irritations as well. You need to ensure that your plant is placed in an area away from your children and pets. You should always wear gloves while handling your string of pearls.

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