How to Care for a Jade Plant

How to Care for a Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a well-known indoor succulent that also holds the common names of money tree or lucky plant. It has a thick stem with cute light-green leaves. Unlike most succulents, the jade plant is unique as it holds excessive water in its stem and leaves whilst growing in a tree-like structure. Under adequate light conditions, it can thrive with flowers in the fall or winter season. Are you excited to grow the jade plant in your living space? We have some useful, caring tips ranging from selecting the best pot for your jade plant to watering them and much more.

Almost every houseplant expert recommends these tips for jade plants, so let’s dig in!

Potting your jade plant in a well-draining container

Jade plants adore well-draining soil, so it is mandatory to place them in such a container that removes excess water efficiently. While selecting a pot for your plant, make sure to pick one with multiple drainage holes and a saucer attached with it to avoid mess when water drains out. If you are growing a large jade plant, pick a strong container, usually made of a considerable material like ceramic or terracotta containing a wide base. As your plant matures, it can balance out and won’t tilt because it will have established a strong trunk and solid root system.

Rest your jade plant in indirect sunlight

Although the jade plant can grow well in bright, indirect sunlight, it can also adjust to low indoor light. A window providing a minimum of four hours of bright, indirect light is ideal for your plant. However, it can also thrive in shadier areas when needed. Excessive sunlight can turn your plant’s leaves or edges purple, so make sure it receives less light to enjoy its greenery.

Let the soil dry before watering again

The most crucial thing to remember while growing your jade plant is to prevent overwatering. This plant is vulnerable to fungal infections and root rot, and leaving the plant's soil wet for too long can trigger it. Try to water your plant every one or two weeks in summer and much less in the cold season. If you aren't sure enough about whether or not your plant requires watering, wait for the topsoil to dry out properly before watering again.

Fertilise your jade plant once every month, especially in spring and summer

When planted in succulent and cacti potting mix, the jade plant won't demand much fertilisation, especially since it is in well-draining soil. With excessive nitrogen, soft growths can appear that will distort the original shape of your jade plant. Due to this reason, you should use fertilisers that are specifically prepared for succulents or cacti, such as Organic Succulent fertilisers. During the warmer season, use fertiliser only once every month for better results.

Grow new vines with trimmings

You can selectively prune the jade plant to maintain its original shape and its cuttings can then be easily propagated to produce new vines. You can snap off all leaves from the stem’s bottom half and place the stem into the soil. The detached leaves can also easily develop new plants when placed on top of plain soil. Stems can also be water propagated in plant propagation stations.

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