Guide to Manjula Pothos Care and Propagation

Guide to Manjula Pothos Care and Propagation

Manjula pothos is a stunning, variegated variety of Epipremnum aureum to add to your indoor houseplant collection, and its care is straightforward. Learn the following tips to keep your manjula pothos plant happy.


When indoors, bright, indirect light is ideal for the best Manjula pothos care. The more variegation its leaves contain, the less energy your pothos can generate from the sunlight it gets. Manjula pothos isn’t a low-sunlight variety of pothos and requires adequate sunlight. However, be careful with sun overexposure though, as the sunlight can easily damage its leaves' white spots. Also, overexposure will result in a complete loss of variegation in new leaves.


The Manjula pothos soil requirements are somewhat paradoxical. They prefer soil with excellent drainage but also need adequate water retention. They like moisture, but not excessive! Any standard indoor soil potting mix will do, but if you want to improve its aeration and drainage, add coco coir and perlite to retain enough water without lodging in the roots.


Overwatering your plants is a common problem. Manjula pothos can survive with minimal watering, making it ideally suitable for every plant lover of any level. Water your pothos only when the top half of the soil dries out completely.

If you notice moisture even one or two inches deep, you need to wait for some more days before you water again. Never leave its soil wet or allow your pothos to sit in water. Keep your plant on a watering schedule of about two weeks or so, and limit watering during cooler months.

💡 Tip: Use a soil moisture meter to prevent overwatering and underwatering your plant.


Temperature & Humidity

The Manjula pothos is extremely resilient when it comes to their temperature needs. They can survive in a wide range of climate conditions so long as they aren’t subjected to direct light. All you should do is keep them somewhere between 60°F and 90°F, which is much easy to do, especially if you want to grow them indoors.

The Manjula pothos has similar humidity needs to other pothos. The more humidity your plants will get, the better! They will thrive faster, their leaves will look more colorful, and you’ll find better luck with their propagation, too. Give them over 60% humidity, like in your bathroom.

Propagating Your Manjula Pothos Plant

You’ll be glad to know that propagating your Manjula pothos is relatively easy. Propagation does best with a method like a stem cutting. During spring or summer, take a stem having some healthy leaves and cut between the leaf nodes (the internode space). Pick that stem cutting (many if you’d like a more extensive propagation) and plant it in freshly moist, well-draining soil.

If you like to see their roots grow big, you can also sit their node side down in any jar filled with water. It would be best to sit your baby Manjula pothos with sufficient humidity and out of direct light. In about less than one month, you’ll see roots. Keep in mind your Manjula pothos thrives at a much slower rate than most other pothos, so stay patient with the propagation.

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