Alocasia Melo Care

Alocasia Melo Care

Alocasia Melo is a terrestrial grower and can beautify any corner of your house to add the required oomph to your interior decor. Let us help you learn about the thick-leaf Jewel Alocasia Melo plant along with its care.

Water Requirement

These plants love to live around the stones. Thus, they don’t prefer excessive water to absorb by their roots. Water your plant moderately only after the upper two inches of its soil gets thoroughly dry. Around two to three days of spring and summer seems enough for your plant. However, the watering needs of most houseplants get reduced in the cooler months. Watering once or twice will be more than enough depending on the weather and the soil. Like most alocasia plants, this plant also won’t withstand wet feet. Thus, prevent overwatering and never let the soil get too soggy.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Use a soil moisture meter to prevent overwatering and underwatering your plant.


Sunlight Requirement

Your plant's thick jade green leaves love partial shade to bright indirect light. If you like to keep your plants in artificial light, they will be fine. Make sure you locate your plants at a minimum distance of about 40 cm from the grow bulb. Notably, some people usually misjudge the thickness of their foliage with their ability to tolerate direct sunlight. However, their leaves are extremely tough yet so delicate! The strong sunlight will scorch out its leaves. Thus, prevent keeping your plant in direct sunlight.

Temperature Requirement

The optimum temperature ranges for your plants are between 20Β°C to 30 Β°C. Any temperature as low as 15Β°C can disturb your cold-sensitive houseplant. So, you should constantly shift them to any warm location as soon as the fall arrives. Likewise, its foliage won’t appear healthy as the temperature shoots over 35Β°C.

Soil Requirement

The Jewel alocasia Melo plant requires well-draining soil with a lot of aeration. You should consider using some mixtures having sandy loams and peat moss in it.

Humidity Requirement

Generally speaking, the alocasia Melos are moisture lovers. The best humidity level for your plant at day is around 75%, while it’s nearly 95 to 100% at night. You should keep an eye on the humidity of your surroundings. In dry climates, consider applying a humidifier in their surroundings. Moreover, you can also try some mild misting, use a pebble-water tray under their pot, or houseplant grouping.

Fertiliser Requirement

Provide a monthly feed of typical NPK fertiliser or some domestic indoor plant mix in their growing season. You need to dilute the fertiliser or apply one-third to half of the prescribed dose. Nevertheless, your tough-leafed Melo Alocasia plant will not need added nutrition during fall and winter.

Repotting Requirement

The roots of your Melos love to stay root-bound. Thus, don't change its container unless you notice the rhizome be becoming prominently large for its pot. Roots popping out of the container’s drainage holes are another hint that your plant baby requires a new pot!

Pruning Requirement

The tough, gorgeous green leaves of your alocasia Melo plant may want an annual or few frequent pruning. Cut its unhealthy or old leaves, especially from its lower sides. It will maintain the overall health and appearance of your plant.

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