Alocasia Azlanii Care

Alocasia Azlanii Care

Because an Alocasia azlanii plant is both unique and a rare plant, it can be an ideal addition to your indoor houseplants collection. It’s a robust houseplant that will bounce back if all its leaves fall off. It just needs the correct environmental conditions to thrive. Let’s find out more about Alocasia Azlanii care below!

Light Requirements

The Alocasia azlanii does great in bright indirect sunlight, but it can also withstand a couple of hours of morning sunlight. However, you need to prevent too much direct light because that can damage or completely burn your plant's leaves. The “Red Mambo” indoor plant also grows very well in a grow light. If you like to grow your plants under artificial light, you may need to use an LED with a full daylight spectrum positioned about a foot (30 cm) away from your plant for about 14 hours every day.

Soil Needs

For the soil, you may want to have aerated, well-draining potting soil capable of retaining sufficient water for your plant. You can create a potting soil mix by adding one part of coconut husk and two perlites.

The roots of your alocasia plant need enough oxygen to remain healthy. Therefore, you don’t need to water this plant if its soil is still wholly soggy because the damp soil will not allow enough oxygen through.

If the top of the soil that you’re using isn’t dried in about a week, the soil potting mix that you’ve used may be too heavy. In that case, you should use a soil potting mix that we’ve explained above.

Fertilising Your Plant

Fertilising your plants will replenish the essential nutrients present in the soil. Your “Red Mambo” only prefers to be fed once every month during spring and summer as this plant will need plenty of nutrients in its growing seasons.

When using any fertiliser, be more careful not to apply too much of it because it will burn your plants. To ensure that the fertiliser won’t burn your entire plant, you need to use about 1/2 diluted balanced fertiliser. For instance, when the directions on the package tell you to apply about one tablespoon per gallon of water, you should use only about 1/2 tablespoon of it and apply it once every two weeks.

Humidity Level

Because the Alocasia azlanii plant is used to thrive in a higher humidity region, it can grow well in humidity levels of 60% and beyond. Keeping your plant in low humidity will likely stun its growth or cause stress on your plant.

Brown leaf edges and brown spots often show low humidity levels. If the humidity level is deficient, you can enhance that by spraying the leaves around two to three times or using an automatic mister.

Temperature Requirements

The “Red Mambo” loves to thrive in temperatures between 65°F and 75°F (18 and 24°C). These temperature ranges make alocasia a perfect houseplant.

Keep these plants away from any cold drafts and prevent sudden temperature modification as it might cause stress on your plants and make them vulnerable to pests and diseases.

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