5 Must-Have Plant Tools for Indoor Plant Care

5 Must-Have Plant Tools for Indoor Plant Care

Indoor plant care seems great fun, easy, and incredibly pleasing. Plants bring extreme beauty into your living space, along with purifying the air and increasing oxygen levels that boost your mood.

Many plants experts believe that even by looking at plants, your stress can be reduced, and your mental health can be enhanced. However, to enjoy all these benefits of indoor plants, you must take good care of them by following some specific care instructions. Also, using the right indoor plant care tools can make your care efforts more effective.

Plant tools can help make your indoor plant care more easy and accessible. They are designed for experienced and novice gardeners alike and provide a great gardening experience. But always remember to keep your tools clean after using them to avoid the spread of pathogens or diseases.

Below, you'll find more about different plant tools such as soil knife, hand trowel, soil scoop, pruning scissors, and houseplant pruner. (Make sure to check out our Plant Parent Gift Set for the ultimate plant tool gift!)

The Soil Knife

A soil knife works as a great ally when you want to report the greenery of different sizes. With a strong blade and serrated edge, this tool can help you loosen your plant roots before transplanting. To prepare your indoor plants, thoroughly water them a day or two before to ensure their proper hydration and to reduce the risk of shock. For repotting your plant, slide the soil knife slightly around the inner perimeter of the container to loosen its roots.

The Hand Trowel

An excellent gardening staple, a hand trowel is among the best tools for digging, smoothing, applying, and moving a small portion of the soil to any indoor container. A classic hand trowel features a deep, wide dish to carry a great amount of dirt with each scoop. Its polished stainless-steel body is extremely resistant to rust, keeping your tool stable for years to come.

The Soil Scoop

A soil scoop is considered a trowel's cavernous cousin and is the best tool for repotting your plants. This essential enable you to carry substantial amounts of soil each time. As you remove the soil from the bag, its high back and sides help keep the soil in place.

The Pruning Scissors

The pruning scissors are the most precise tool for your plant care arsenal. Its sharp blades and long handle deliver the cleanest cut possible. The pruning scissors are fashioned for some hard-to-reach areas of your indoor plants. In addition, such tools are ideal for deadheading houseplants, flowers, or other detail work.

The Houseplant Pruner

A well-designed set of houseplant pruners is an excellent and ideal tool for indoor gardeners. It is outfitted with rust-resistant blades, stainless steel, and a comfortable grip handle. The houseplant pruner delivers a clean, sharp cut to the stems, branches, and leaves. It's important to remember that the cleaner you cut your plant, the faster it can heal.Β  Furthermore, always clean your houseplant pruners after every use to avoid unnecessary harm and damage to your plants.

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