๐Ÿ“ข News - August 30th

Hello again Cheeky Planters!

It's been a super busy month on our end. Despite the lockdownsย going on, we're seeing lots of responsible plant parents doing the right thing, keeping safe and also immersing themselves into the wonderful plant hobby we all share. We've been absolutely hammered with packing orders and we appreciate the love we're getting. Thank you to everyone who placed an order recently and also to those of you who have tagged us in photos on Instagram or sent us emails with photos. It's so lovely to see :)

August and September, it's a crazy month full of birthdays, unfortunately of which most will have to be spent during lockdown if in NSW. It's awesome that we've been able to help spread some joy through plants, to help brighten up the days of plant gift recipients and toย help plant parents expand their collections.

This month we were lucky to have the opportunity to do some corporate plant gifts for several businesses and their employees who have been working from home during lockdown. Hopefully we have helped brightened up their days with low maintenance desk plants.

We introduced same day plant delivery in Sydney this month, which services most of Greater Sydney, including as west as Penrith. Western Sydney, South West Sydney, The Hills, Sutherland, Sydney and surrounds, we got you covered! We've got lots of ceramic potted plant gifts which are perfect as same day plant gifts for all sorts of occasions.

As the weather warms up, let's get ready for more plants to start coming back.

Stay safe everyone!

With love,
- Cheeky Plant Co. Teamย ๐Ÿ’š

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