๐Ÿ“ข News - 1 April 2022 - Plant Homewares!

Hey there Cheeky Planters,

In the last month we've been working hard to expand our range of products for all you plant lovers!

Plant Homewares

Your home is not complete without plant-themed home decor. At Cheeky Plant Co, we're the go-to online plant shop for all things plants. Bring your interior design ideas to life with our lovely products.

Decorative Pots & Planters

Style your plants in the best decorative plant pots from our store. We have a huge range of planters, from animal planters, basic planters, funny pun planters, inspirational quote planters, jute pots, ceramic pots to head planters and more.

Plant Kitchenware

Make your kitchen even more homely with plant-themed kitchen utensils and equipment. Cook and prepare your meals in style!

Plant Books & Stationery

Read up on the latest plant books, expand your knowledge and take notes using our latest plant-themed stationery range including notebooks, stickers and more.

Plant Toys & Games

We have the most adorable succulent, cactus and plant stuffed toys perfect for cuddling. There's also houseplant jigsaw puzzles available now.

Plant Fashion & Accessories

Cute enamel pins, plant lover tote bags, keyrings and more for you to show off your plant parent pride.

Indoor Plant Care

All the plant care tools, accessories and supplies you need for your indoor jungle are available here at our shop. From fertilisers, grow lights, potting mixes to propagation stations and more.


Stay stuned for more coming soon!

Cheeky Plant Co. Team ๐Ÿ’š

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