[NSW Hand-Delivery] Crassula ovata - Money Jade Plant with White Pot

[NSW Hand-Delivery] Crassula ovata - Money Jade Plant with White Pot

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Succulent Plant in a White Pot - Crassula ovata aka Money Jade, Jade Plant

This is the perfect gift for someone who needs a little more practice with taking care of their plants, by letting them do the actual planting themselves. The beautiful end product is definitely something to be proud of!

  • You will receive a succulent plant along potted in a glazed white cache pot 
Crassula ovata aka Money Jade, Jade Plant
Foliage: Leaves are dark green and glossy.
Lighting requirements: Full sun/partial shade

This is a low maintenance plant that's great for bonsai.

Please note: Photos are examples only. Plants may have some variation from the photos due to seasonal and weather conditions.


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